Get a Gojek Clone SuperApp for Multi-Service Business

Get the Gojek Clone SuperApp, a revolutionary on-demand multi-service application offering over 101 services through a single app! Make millions on the first day with advanced-tech features and a gorgeous UI! This tested app elevates functionality with exciting features like service bidding and online video consultations.

Launch the Super app clone worry-free in Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, or any Southeast Asian country. It has shown remarkable responses in numerous nations, including the USA, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, the UK, Kenya, the UAE, and Egypt.

With facial recognition and fingerprint lock, users can seamlessly book rides, schedule parcel deliveries, and order food and groceries online. The GoJek app clone also allows users to hire handymen, tutors, doctors, carwashers, tow trucks, salon services, and more.

Clients can conveniently access over 101 value-driven services within a unified app in their preferred languages. They can securely complete transactions using local currency through an online payment gateway.

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  • Try the App First Try the App First

    Test our app thoroughly for FREE! Experience the real-time functionality of our demo apps by downloading and using them live on multiple devices!

  • Place the Order Place the Order

    Once you're satisfied with the app's performance and functionality, review the scope document and non-disclosure agreement before placing an order.

  • launch Launch your app in 1 Week

    Our team will white-label your on-demand multi-services app according to your specifications. The app will launch in 4-6 business days on your Google Play Store and iOS App Store accounts.

  • Source Code Get the Source Code

    After your app is launched on the App Stores, we will zip and send you the licensed source code for one domain, granting you complete ownership of the app.

What is Gojek Clone SuperApp?

Gojek App Clone is a pre-built on-demand solution offering 101+ services in one application. Purchase the app to start your own on-demand business. Looking to become a millionaire with a one-time investment? Get your own Multi-Service app!

Your wishes are fulfilled! The new and improved KingX Pro Package is the world’s top solution for the on-demand multi-services industry!

Introducing our super app clone with enhanced features, innovative design, and valuable free extras. Transform your business idea into reality within a week. By investing just once, you can enjoy the long-term rewards. Our app enables access to 101+ services with a single login, customized to language and currency. An integrated payment gateway tailored for your region is also included. Contact us now for a FREE live on-road testing demo!

Gojek Clone SuperApp Super App: Access To Multiple On Demand Services

Super app has achieved the status of being a comprehensive response to the demands of your customers. We've concentrated on enhancing the flexibility of our app, allowing you to customize it according to ever-evolving market trends. Our specialized admin panel grants access to multiple services, allowing seamless addition or removal within the clone's range.
Note: Our app has limited services and is not a 100% copy of the original Go-Jek app from Indonesia.

  • Taxi
  • Order Food, Grocery & More
  • Send
  • Hire Genie or Runner
  • Online Video Consulting
  • Bid for
  • On-Demand Services
Hassle Free Bookings for Comfortable Taxi Ridesfeature video

This section of the GoJek app clone can be seen as a comprehensive taxi application. It allows the app owner to define various vehicle types, such as hatchbacks, cars, and SUVs, along with their respective rates. Key features include Taxi Booking, Taxi Rental, Uber-like CarPooling, and other innovative transportation solutions.

  • Uber Like Taxi Booking
  • In-Driver Like Bidding
  • Rent a Taxi
  • InterCity Taxi
  • Schedule Later Ride
  • Uber like Pool/Share Taxi
  • 2 Wheelers/Tuk-Tuk
  • Stop Over Points
Deliver Anything, Anywhere
Deliver Anything, Anywhere - Kind of Advanced Uber Deliveryfeature video

This feature enables users to order anything and have it delivered anywhere within the city. Users can hire a delivery person to fetch, deliver, or purchase items from within the city on their behalf.

  • Delivery Genie
  • Delivery Runner
Food and Store Deliveries
Doorstep Delivery of Food, Groceries, Medicines, Flowers And Even Bottled Waterfeature video

This application enables clients to access items from numerous restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc., in their vicinity. If any store is registered in the app, users can access it to buy items directly and have them delivered to their doorstep.

  • Food Ordering & Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Wine Delivery
  • Bottled Water On Demand
  • Flower Delivery On Demand
  • Stationery Delivery
  • Let us know if you want to do more On-Demand Deliveries like Pizza, Fuel, etc., and we'll discuss it.
Online Video Consultation
Do you need an urgent consultation? Why wait? Just get an instant online consultation!feature video

In the Gojek Clone SuperApp section, users can schedule appointments or have instant online consultations with experts from home. They can save time, money, and avoid hassles. Experts available for consultation include doctors, tutors, lawyers, and astrologers. Users can also learn activities like Yoga while booking, consulting, and making payments through the application. Online consultations via video calls are preferred in today's digital world, rather than physical visits unless absolutely necessary.

  • Tutor On Demand
  • Lawyer On Demand
  • Astrologer On Demand
  • Personal Fitness Consulting
  • Personal Yoga Classes
  • Doctors On Demand
  • More info
    The Categories and Services in this Component are Dynamic. As an App Owner, you can add up to 10 Video Consulting Services from the Admin Panel in this Section.
Bid for Services
Service providers can now bid for services! feature video

This app section empowers service providers, moving away from the traditional approach of users seeking them through listings. Users can access competitive job prices while service providers gain more opportunities.

  • Carpenter App
  • Electrician App
  • Plumber App
  • Painters
  • handyman services
  • home cleaning
  • More info add more handy services
On-Demand Services
Just One King X and the Ability to Book Over 75 Different Types of Servicesfeature video

This feature allows end users to quickly find, hire, and pay service providers through the app. Users can book beauticians, massage therapists, dog walkers, babysitters, and car washers for immediate service or schedule them for later. Users can choose service providers based on their budget, ratings, reviews, experience, and expertise.

  • Beauty Service App
  • Massage App
  • Car Wash App
  • Dog Walking App
  • Photographer
  • Tow Truck App
  • Babysitting App
  • Maids App
  • Pest Control App
  • Physiotheraphy App
  • Dog Grooming App
  • Snow Plows App
  • Barber App
  • DJ App
  • Lock smith app
  • Travel Agent App
  • Tour Guide App
  • Insuarance App
  • Security Guard App
  • Lawn Moving App
  • Barber
  • Beachbody
  • Car repair App
  • Click here
    to View
    More Services
  • Carpet Repairer App
  • Computer Repairer App
  • Cuddling App
  • Fire Fighters App
  • Helpers App
  • Interior Design
  • Lawn Care
  • Mobile Technician App
  • psychologist
  • Road Assistance
  • Sofa Repair
  • Spa
  • Translator
  • TV Repair
  • Real Estate Agent App
  • Mechanic App
  • AC Repair
  • Gardener
  • Disinfecting Services
  • Catering App
  • Office Cleaning App
  • Party Cleaning App
  • Language Tutor
  • Click here
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    More Services
Send Anything
Get Parcels of Any Shape and Size Delivered From Point X to Point Yfeature video

This in-app delivery service within the Gojek Clone SuperApp enables users to send and receive packages of various sizes and weights to one or multiple destinations. Delivery drivers can use bikes, cars, trucks, and more based on item count, speed, and user budget. Users can also hire exclusive delivery runners to help with tasks like shopping, laundry pickup, and other errands.

  • Parcel Delivery
  • Multiple Parcel Delivery

Newly Available: 7 Paid Components of Gojek App Clone

We've introduced 7 new features and seamlessly integrated them into our app, enabling you to generate income effortlessly! Each service is designed with your customer's daily and recurring needs in mind.

With these 7 components, along with our base app services, your app will soar to new heights and swiftly increase your business's revenue.

  • Buy, Sell &
    Rent Real Estate
  • Buy, Sell &
    Rent Cars
  • Buy, Sell & Rent General Items
  • CarPool
  • Medical
  • Track your Family & Employees
  • Explore your
    Nearby Businesses
Buy, Sell & Rent Real Estate
Buy, Sell & Rent Real Estate feature video

Users can list their commercial and residential properties for sale, directly connecting with potential buyers. Admins offer Free and Paid Plans for users to select before publishing their property listings. As the app owner, you profit from plan purchases, while users save on agent commissions and reach a wider audience.

  • Residential Apartment
  • House / Villa
  • Residential Land
  • Shop / Showroom
  • Warehouse / Godown
  • Farm House
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Industrial Bulding
  • Industrial Shed
  • more icon dynamic category add
Buy, Sell & Rent Cars
Buy, Sell & Rent Cars

Users can list cars for sale or rent, allowing interested buyers or renters to contact them directly. Admins can offer Free and Paid Plans, requiring user sign-up to post car details. You earn profits from plan purchases, and users save on agent fees, reaching a large audience.

  • Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • Luxury
  • SUVs
  • Mini SUVs
  • MUVs
  • Sports
  • Cargo Truck
  • Convertible
  • More Info Convertible
Buy, Sell & Rent General Items
Buy, Sell & Rent General Items

Users can list general items for sale or rent, connecting with potential buyers or renters directly. Admins offer Free and Paid Plans for posting listings. You profit from user payments for posting, while users save on agent fees, reaching numerous potential buyers and renters.

  • Home Furniture
  • Sporting Goods
  • Business Equipment
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Electronics
  • Heavy Machinery
  • More Info adding category
RideShare/CarPool feature video

Car owners can post travel details, such as routes, available seats, schedules, and seat costs. Users seeking rides can book seats, and car owners earn per seat, with you earning a commission on each booked seat.

Car pool service
    On-demand Medical Services
    On-demand Medical Services feature video

    Users can easily access healthcare services with a few clicks, including ordering medicines, booking ambulances, and scheduling online doctor consultations.

    Book an Appointment / Service at User's Place or at Doctor's Clinic.
    • General Physician Service App
    • Physiotherapist Service App
    • Nurse Service App
    • add more services
    Online Video Consultation with Medical Experts via Apps
    • General Physician Service App
    • Dietician Service App
    • Physiologist Service App
    • more services to add option
    Other Services
    • Pharmacy Service App
    • Ambulance Service App
    • Vet Service App
    Track Family Members & Employees in Real-time
    Track Family Members & Employees in Real-time feature video

    Users can track family members and employees in real-time, seeing their live location on Google Maps.

    • Uber like Taxi
    • Taxi Rental App
    Explore Nearby Businesses
    Explore Nearby Businesses feature video

    Your users can find businesses near them and see their details like timings, distance from the current location, etc. This service is similar to "The Real Yellow Pages."

    For instance, a user can find cafes, malls, hospitals, gyms, salons, etc., near them and contact the place if they want. As the App Admin, you can allow businesses to publish their details on the app for Free or charge them a Fee (taken offline.)

    • cafe
    • libraries
    • club
    • salon
    • spa
    • shopping
    • gym
    • mall
    • bars
    • more icon bars
    KingX Pro

    What App Includes

    • 01 Taxi Booking Uber-like taxi booking, rentals, & taxi pool Uber-like taxi booking, rentals, & taxi pool

      Our app enables users to easily book taxi rides, rentals, and taxi pool services, similar to Uber.

    • 02 Store Deliveries Food Grocery delivery Order online from nearby stores

      Users can order a variety of items, including food, groceries, and stationery, online for doorstep delivery.

    • 03 Send Anything On-Demand Parcel Delivery Deliver anything
      from point X to Y

      With our app, users can conveniently send parcels, such as documents, furniture, or cement bags, from one location to another within the city.

    • 04 Delivery Genie & Runner Delivery Genie & Delivery Runner Hire a Personal Shopper or Errand Runner

      Experience our Delivery Genie service, where a personal shopper purchases and delivers items directly to your doorstep, or use our Runner service for running errands.

    • 05 Online Video Consultation On-Demand Online Video Consultation Book online video consultations with professionals

      Book video consultations with professionals like tutors, yoga instructors, lawyers, and astrologers, all through our app.

    • 06 Bid for Services in Real Time Service Bid Get bids from handymen in real-time

      Handymen can bid on tasks posted by users in real-time, allowing users to select the best provider for their needs.

    • 07 On-Demand Services On-Demand Handyman services Book or schedule professional services instantly

      Users can book on-demand services for a later date and time, including professional car washes, beauticians, and babysitters.

    Advanced Gojek Clone SuperApp Components

    • 01 Buy, Sell, & Rent
      Real Estate
      Buy, Sell, & Rent Real Estate

      Looking to sell or rent your property? Post a listing on our app to connect with interested buyers or renters.

    • 02 Buy, Sell, & Rent Cars Car Rental, Rent Cars

      For those looking to sell or rent out their cars, our app provides a platform to post listings and connect with potential buyers or renters.

    • 03 Buy, Sell, & Rent General Items Buy, Sell or Rent General Items

      Need to sell or rent out furniture, lawn and garden tools, or heavy machinery? Post a listing on our app and connect with interested buyers or renters.

    • 04 CarPool CarPool

      Offer CarPool Rides to others traveling to the same destination and earn money for every booked seat.

    • 05 Medical Services Medical services

      Book video consultations and appointments with doctors, order medicines, and even book an ambulance, all with a single click.

    • 06 Track Family & Employees Track Family & Employees

      Track the real-time locations of your family members and employees on the map.

    • 07 Nearby Businesses Nearby Businesses

      Explore nearby cafes, malls, salons, hospitals, and more, and easily locate them on the map, similar to “The Real Yellow Pages.”

    How Does Gojek Clone SuperApp Work?

    Understanding the application completely is generally significant. For this reason, we have made a visual educational manual to assist you with understanding this on-demand multi-service application completely. Get a profound look at how each step of the application works and precisely what the progression of the Gojek Clone SuperApp is like.

    Gojek app clone demo
    gojek like business

    The Ultimate All-In-One Solution!

    If you're seeking the premier business solution available, seize this opportunity. Launch the GoJek App Clone in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Philippines, and the USA to access cutting-edge technological solutions for managing various on-demand services, including taxis, home services, deliveries, and over 101+ services, all within a single app. Generate substantial revenue with ease using our Clone. Our team of experts has meticulously crafted this app, integrating the most sought-after features in the market, ensuring seamless usability.

    The on-demand business model has been prevalent for years, but never before has such a powerful app been introduced. Particularly in the USA, Brazil, and Nigeria markets, an app like Gojek has yet to be seen, making it the ideal time to launch your multi-services app. Unlike other apps, this app requires just one download and one-time login for users! With this single app, users can conveniently book taxis, order food and groceries, and even schedule beauty services.

    Moreover, our Multi-Services App Solution is market-ready! We understand the importance of prudent investment. You can test the app and pay only if you are satisfied! Our team of seasoned on-demand mobile app developers has tailored this app to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our confidence in this application is such that we offer an unlimited duration demo, allowing you to thoroughly test the app from every angle before making a commitment.

    I'm Interested to know about & to buyGoJek App Clone

    Our Gojek Clone SuperApp Script offers 101+ on-demand Services

    • Taxi booking Taxi booking

      Offer your customers the convenience of booking rides on the go, just like in the Uber Taxi App, including Taxi Pool and Taxi Rental options.

    • Order Food, Grocery and more Order Food, Grocery and more

      Allow your customers to order food, groceries, and more from nearby stores and restaurants through their iOS and Android devices or your website.

    • Parcel / Courier Delivery Parcel/Courier Delivery

      Enable your customers to deliver single or multiple packages right on time, booking parcel delivery using their iOS or Android devices.

    • On-Demand Service On-Demand Service

      Let customers book various On-Demand Services such as Beautician, Car-washing, Handyman, Electrician, and more, through their iOS or Android devices.

    • Hire Genie or Runner Hire Genie or Runner

      Get items purchased from nearby stores and deliver them to customers' doorsteps in a short time.

    • Video Consultation Video Consultation

      Offer customers the ability to book "On-Demand" or "Schedule Later" video sessions with verified service providers like Doctors, Lawyers, Tutors, Fitness experts, Yoga instructors, Astrologers, etc., using their Android or Apple devices for face-to-face video conferencing.

    • Service Bid Service Bid

      Allow users to post job details and invite service providers from their vicinity to bid under their budget, selecting providers based on bid-offer, reviews, and portfolio, all bookable through iOS/Android devices.

    • Buy, Sell, & Rent Real Estate Buy, Sell, & Rent Real Estate

      Facilitate online buying and selling of commercials and residential properties, with sellers posting listings and buyers contacting the owner directly.

    • Buy, Sell, & Rent Cars Buy, Sell, & Rent Cars

      Enable users to sell and rent cars, such as sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, etc., by posting listings on the app, with interested buyers/renters contacting the owner via Inquiry Form.

    • Buy, Sell, & Rent General Items Buy, Sell, & Rent General Items

      Allow users to sell or rent out electronics, furniture, lawn & garden tools, etc., by posting listings on the app, with interested buyers/renters viewing details and contacting the owner.

    • CarPool CarPool

      Enable common users traveling between locations to offer carpooling services to others and charge per seat.

    • Medical Services Medical Services

      Allow users to book online video consultations and appointments with doctors, as well as order medicines and book ambulances.

    • Track Family & Employees Track Family & Employees

      Enable users to track the real-time locations of their family members and employees on the map.

    • Nearby Businesses Nearby Businesses

      Help users find nearby hospitals, salons, malls, cafes, etc., on the map, browse their details, call the business, book a taxi, and more.

    • Other Services Other Services

      Offer a stunning assortment of on-demand services, totaling more than 101, to meet your users’ needs anytime and anywhere. With a gorgeous UI and fantastic features, you'll make millions on the fly.

    Gojek Clone SuperApp

    Gojek Clone SuperApp: Unleash Ultimate On-Demand Multi-Service App

    The process of white labeling involves preparing a stencil app that can be customized to meet a specific entrepreneur's requirements, allowing them to launch it as their own business. Many entrepreneurs opt for multi-services apps because they are accessible and available as white-label ready-made apps. However, there is often uncertainty regarding the cost and structure of these apps. Entrepreneurs are curious about how to get the best app for their investment and why a feature-rich app of such high quality is priced as mentioned. In the following section, we will elaborate more on these points and explain the details of how these apps are built, as well as the expenses you can expect if you invest in a ready-made clone of the Go-Jek app, which can be launched on the Google Play store and the iOS app store.

    Once the app is developed and ready for sale, the development company puts it up for sale, allowing entrepreneurs to invest in it and obtain their own clone script. After the purchase, the entire team works on white labeling the app with the app owner’s logo, brand name, color themes, and other customizations, such as integrating the local currency and language of choice, as well as other additions to the admin panel, such as services. After this process, the app is ready for its grand launch, but this step is not as easy as it may seem.

    Currently, Multi Services App Solutions has a strong presence in most Asian countries and is successfully running in various Southeast Asian locations, including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, and many more, thanks to global entrepreneurs. You can launch your online business by purchasing the Gojek Clone SuperApp, a unique business model available at an unbelievable price.

    GoJek App Clone Empower your Business Dreams

    A start-up in today’s times is more than just a business. It is a statement that you have arrived. Become a strong and independent entrepreneur with a profitable business from day one! Need more information?

    Let us discuss

    What do We Provide with Our Gojek Clone SuperApp Script

    If you have been wondering what should make you trust us, look at everything we offer you and then decide for yourself.

    user app User Apps
    ios,android, web panel for user
    service provider apps Driver/Service Provider Apps
    ios,android, web panel for provider
    store apps Store Apps
    ios,android, web panel for store
    website & admin panel Website & Admin Panel
    app package
    supporting panels Supporting Panels
    corporate organization

    Advanced Features Of Gojek Clone SuperApp

    • Easy Login Easy Login

      Customers can quickly log in using their phone number or email address, saving them time. Additionally, users can effortlessly log in using Apple Face ID and Android Fingerprint.

    • Mobile Money Mobile Money

      Your customers can pay seamlessly via multiple options, including Mobile Money Payment, without any hassles. With easy spending capabilities on your app, you can earn more commissions.

    • live tracking Live Tracking of Services

      In-app notifications allow your customers to track orders or taxi rides in real-time through a graphical status icon feature.

    • otp verification OTP Verification to Start the Task

      Before starting the ride or task, the driver or service provider will request OTP confirmation for security.

    • Single Log In Single Download Single Log In

      Give your customers the power to access over 101 different types of services with just one download and login. No more in-app downloads or tedious form filling; it's as easy as downloading the app and accessing 101+ services instantly.

    • editable services Editable Services

      Our customized white-label on-demand app solution enables admins to modify services according to customer needs and business demands.

    • Video Consulting Video Consulting

      Consult with experts, book appointments, and make payments for services such as medical consultations, tutoring, legal advice, astrology, or yoga, all within the app.

    • Real-time Bidding Real-time Bidding

      Users can post tasks on the app and allow service providers to bid on them in real-time. Users can choose the best bid based on cost, reviews, and ratings.

    • Secured Payment Secured Payment

      Our market-ready Gojek Clone SuperApp is integrated with various payment gateways, ensuring secure transactions for users.

    • Unlimited Duration Demo Free Unlimited Duration Demo

      Test our on-demand multi-services app with our unlimited duration demo before investing. We offer a demo app for Android and iOS devices, and we can launch your customized app in just 5 working days.

    • Launch Application Launch in just 5 working days!

      We launched app for you in just 5 working days! Yes! Everything is done in less than 5 working days from the purchase to the day of launch. Once you place the order, we white-label the app with your logo and brand name and add all your custom requirements to launch the app.

    • White Labelling White Labelling

      We provide white labeling services to replace our logo and brand name with yours, ensuring complete ownership and security of the app.

    • Language Addition Custom Language Addition

      We offer support for 25 languages and 25 currencies, allowing you to launch your app in multiple countries hassle-free.

    • Currency Addition Custom Currency Addition

      Our Super app clone supports 25 currencies other than the standard dollar, allowing you to launch your app in multiple countries.

    • On-Demand Multi-Services App Launch App Launch

      Get support throughout the launch process to ensure approval on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store without any technical rejections.

    • Google Play Store Approval Approval on Google Play Store

      We ensure that the app gets approved on the Google Play store and is not rejected for technical reasons.

    • Approval iOS App Store Approval on iOS App Store

      Ensure your app is approved on the iOS App Store and launched without being rejected for any technical reason with our assistance.

    • Gojek Clone SuperApp Source Code Licensed Source Code

      Upon purchase, we provide you with the licensed source code of the Gojek Clone SuperApp Script for complete ownership.

    • contact us now
    • Contact Us Now

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Gojek Clone SuperApp?

      Discover the Gojek Clone SuperApp Script, a White-label App Solution offering 101+ On-Demand Multi-services. From rides to store-based delivery services, Parcel delivery, and On-Demand services like Handyman and Delivery Genie, our script guarantees a seamless user experience with intuitive, responsive panels and the latest features.

    • I already have your KINGX Apps. I want to expand my Business and acquire all 7 New Components offered as Paid Add-Ons in the KINGX PRO Apps. Can I Buy the New KINGX PRO App with all the Newly Added Components and Design?

      Yes, you can! Simply contact us and share your requirements for the New KINGX PRO App. We'll provide you with the best solution to expand your business.

    • What are Some of the Best Features of an App like Gojek?

      Explore the best features of the Gojek Clone SuperApp Script, including Taxi Apple Watch App, multiple ways to book services, Delivery Genie, Service Bidding for over 101+ services, and Online Video Consultation.

    • How much does it Cost to Develop the Gojek Clone SuperApp Application?

      The cost varies based on factors like the OS you're using, the app's features, technologies, and the mobile app development company you choose. Contact us to get an accurate estimate for your project.

    • How often can I get your Support?

      We provide post-delivery support and maintenance at different levels based on the plan package you've purchased from us. Contact us for detailed information on our support services.

    • What On-Demand Multi-services are included in the Gojek App Clone?

      The Gojek App Clone offers On-Demand Uber-like Taxi Booking, Food & Store Delivery, Delivery Genie & Runner, Parcel Delivery, and a range of other On-demand Services.

    • Is the Gojek Clone SuperApp a Successful Business Model?

      Yes, the All One Multi-services App concept, derived from its parent app, has witnessed enormous success, becoming Indonesia's first unicorn.

    • Do you Provide Complete Documentation for the App Solution?

      Yes, we provide comprehensive documentation for the app we create for your company. Additionally, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your company's proprietary information.

    Boost Your Business with Gojek Clone SuperApp App Development

    Gojek app clone is among the most sought-after multi-service apps today. It offers a quick and budget-friendly way to launch your business, empowering entrepreneurs to expand their horizons. This all-in-one app is the key to unlocking success in the multi-service industry, enabling business owners to increase their earnings.

    With over 101 services, this single app is a top choice for entrepreneurs looking to boost their businesses and maximize profits. Its popularity has led to many on-demand app developers worldwide creating their versions of the Gojek app. While each script may vary in UI/UX, name, and device compatibility, they all share common features:

    • The Super app clone provides multiple on-demand services under one platform, grouped under different components.
    • One of the most popular Gojek business models is based on commissions. App owners can earn a significant commission from every service booking made through the app.
    • The app can be downloaded for free from the Android and iOS App Stores. Service providers only pay charges when they accept service requests, with no charges for users.
    • Advanced features such as GPS tracking, in-app calling and chatting, online payment options, and push notifications enhance the app's functionality.

    Looking for a Perfect Gojek Clone SuperApp Script?

    The Internet is flooded with hundreds of different Gojek Clone SuperApp Script. Thus, finding the best one for your on-demand business is challenging.

    However, you must first pen down your On-Demand Multi-services App development requirements to find a flawless app. You must also have a clear picture of your business goals in mind. Even a little unclarity about your business requirements can lead you down the slow-success route.

    So, identify your business needs before searching for the best multi-service app solution. Every business comes with unique challenges and requirements, and the locally prevalent market trends can largely impact your business. This is why it is important to understand your needs and expectations from your business.

    So, identify if the market already has a similar multi-service solution you plan to launch. If there is, what are customers saying about it? Do people love it? Is there something that could be better?

    Once you know this, the next step is to create the app flow that customers are already used to. Why? Well, people are always hesitant to try something new and will not try to learn a new system unless you give them something out of the box.

    Gojek App Clone - Generate More Revenue

    Once you launch the super app clone, charging commissions is the easiest way to profit. Well, entrepreneurs can also make money through a membership subscription-based business model.

    Whatever model you choose, it must comply with your business requirements. Clarifying how you will monetize using your app will also help you generate handsome profits easily and quickly. So, be very mindful when creating subscription plans or setting commission rates.

    Don't get too carried away when deciding the commission rates or creating subscription plans. Study what’s going on in the market. It’s important to see what's relevant to the market because if you set the bar too high, it will be difficult to attract and retain your users.

    This means that the users should feel that services are fairly priced on the app, while the service providers should feel they can make as much money as they like.

    It is always advisable to take baby steps. Start small, and then work towards making other fruitful changes to your commissions for higher monetary gains.

    Choose the Right Gojek Clone SuperApp Script and Expand Your Business

    It’s important to purchase the right app that suits your needs. To find the best clone app script for your business, look for a reputed white-label, on-demand mobile app development company. Ensure that the company has relevant experience in the industry and has been creating on-demand apps for at least a decade.

    Think about the Return on investment before you splurge all your hard-earned money into developing the Gojek app clone for your business. Also, clear growth plans and profitability expectations can help you greatly.

    The best way to determine whether the clone app script is right for you is to test the demo app first! Closing thoughts? Well, pre-built apps are the best! You can get a unique app with your brand name and logo without wasting your time and money.

    Your ready-made app will be launched on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store once the process of white labeling is done. And, because of the quick time to market, you can start earning from day one!

    Since the Clone is already launch-ready, the process of white labeling takes only 1 to 2 weeks.

    A Clone Gojek is a great business solution for entrepreneurs. Without splurging all the money and wasting 2-3 years developing the app, they can start executing their business expansion plans and increasing their profits manifolds.

    So, make a wise choice today.

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